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10 Facts About Me

Hello Everyone! Today's blog post helps you all to get to know me a little bit better, because I feel like you don't know me as much as I'd like, and also this was requested on my instagram, @rombli_blog . I'd really appreciate it if you could go check me out there as well so I can interact with you more and get your opinions on what I post! Some of you in the UK and Ireland, like me, were suffering from cabin fever during "The Beast From The East!" when I starting writing this post. It's harder than it seems to think up of facts about yourself, so I hope this post entertains you today! So let's begin with these 20 facts! 1. I'm really small. I'm really, really, really, small. I practically look like I'm ten, but I've learnt to embrace and love my height and who I am! 2.I'm really sporty. I play more than four different sports with clubs, local areas and school teams so I'm always a bit busy. Maybe you can tell with th

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