A Lovely Adventure!

Hello everyone!
I know I said I would post more and I'm really trying but this little adventure happened two weeks ago and I've finally posted about it! Here it is!


 On Thursday of the week before last my friends' family took me with them on a little trip! We went ice skating (It was my first time and I did very well, if I say so myself!) and to the beach, cinema and even Milano's! It was a lovely treat before we went back to school the following Monday!
            Ice skating really was amazing and I only fell twice!

                  The beach was completely empty and it was incredibly beautiful. I loved the feeling of actually being by the sea because I live in the midlands and I rarely ever see the sea! It was so perfect for taking photos and wandering the rocks. It was an unplanned part of our trip and we only went there because we finished our meals 2-3 hours before the movie was due to start! It really tied off the day and it was amazing. I can't wait to go there again.

We saw the film; Collateral Beauty in the cinema and I would recommend it if you want to watch a sad film but without crying! At some stages it was very sad but watching them attempt to help Howard (Will Smith) overcome the loss of his daughter as he writes letters to Love, Death and Time as if they were people was really enjoyable. It's a fantastic plot twist!

In Milano's we had a Piccolo meal which was really the perfect size! I can't remember the pizza that I ordered but it came with a delicious brownie and baby-chino!


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