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Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted in almost a month! What happened was that I was unorganized in terms of photographing my mug cake and I even had to make do with one cake recipe instead of two!
But luckily this recipe still so super tasty and flavorsome. I absolutely love making this the night before and heating it in the microwave the next morning super-quick for a delicious breakfast!
Chocolate Chip Banana Breakfast Mug-Muffin:

You will need: 

A mug.
3 tbsp of plain flour.
1/2 tsp baking powder.
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon.
2 inch piece of banana.
2 tsp honey.
2 1/2 tbsp milk.
4 squares of chocolate, grated.

1. Mash up the banana in the mug.
2. Add all the other ingredients except the chocolate! Mix it up until it's all combined.
3. Add in the chocolate making sure that it's mixed in well. You don't want to have all your chocolate at the top of your cake and have none for when you get to the bottom!
4. Now cook it! I left mine in my 800W microwave for 1.30-2.30 minutes but your timing depends on your microwave. 
5. Top with the rest of your fresh banana or with cream, chocolate or maple syrup. Who says you can't have them all!

Thanks so much for reading my blog post and please comment your thoughts! I love getting feedback and if you're not following my Instagram make sure you do because I'll soon be posting sneak peaks of what I could be posting here before it goes up! Thank you again for reading this and make sure to give me feedback with ideas and what you'd like to see on Rombli next. Thanks again!


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