Winter Well-being

Hello everyone!
I've wanted to write about something recently that's really relevant to me and I think it's relevant now since it's winter. So today I have chosen my favourite and most used products that I can't wait to or am glad to be able to use this Winter on my hair, my skin and myself.

My first "Winter Well-being" product is Aussie's Winter Miracle shampoo and
conditioner. It smells so good and warm and helps to protect weather beaten hair in winter. It's the same formula as Miracle shine and I used it all the time. I know it's not a main selling feature for this shampoo/conditioner but I love its smell so much! If You're someone that buys shampoos because they smell nice (Me!) then you'd love these shampoos. The winter miracle branding is limited edition and I love Aussie's festive touches. It gets me in a really Christmas-y mood in November and this has become my favourite shampoo/conditioner pair this winter! It contains Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl Powder that helps make your hair look shiny and healthy. I love this festive and helpful duo of hair products that help keep my hair great looking and shiny during the winter especially since my area is so cold! I'll be using it late into January or even February if I have enough left! Buy it at
The next winter well-being product is Epaderm ointment and cream. This is definitely the most used product on this list because I try to use it every day. It may not be festive, or smell nice, but this product really works. It has two consistences, as a cream or as an ointment and I have included a picture of them both below and to the left.
It can be used for eczema, psoriasis or other dry skin conditions like angular cheilitis (cuts/cracks at the side of your lips) that are very common at winter. I used it for this and as a lip balm as well. It is so good and works really well. If I needed to use it it took me a minimum of just a week to fully or almost fully cure my skin problems. They're not greasy and I prefer the ointment to the cream. It's easier to apply and doesn't need time to dry in as much as the ointment, which I just leave on my skin overnight and in the morning. It can be used with almost all skin conditions and is for all ages. Epaderm has no colours or fragrances which is better for sensitive or delicate skin.
Treating your skin well is so important. We should be comfortable with our skin and if it feels and looks good it helps us feel good about it. It's important to take care of your skin if it isn't in good condition because skin problems can easily flare up and become bigger problems.
I always have to remind myself to put this cream on and I do admit I'm not the best at remembering to put it on. If it's able to cure my skin problems should be able to cure the majority of other people's too.

A quick tip is that if you are using Epaderm for angular chelitis try not use a lip balm that you used while you had angular chelitis previously. I use an Eos lip balm as an alternative to this but I had to stop using it as it made my cuts and cracks get bigger and sorer. Here's a link to Epaderm's website
The last product on my list is Zoella's Fizz Bar triple pack. As you can see by my pictures I only have 2 and a half left because I already used this! These are not Zoe's latest fizz bars which are even nicer and are in gingerbread man shapes! I used this before and I love them. I can't wait to use them again because they smell so nice. I usually have a shower as supposed to bath but when I do these bars help me relax and enjoy it to the max. Even before I get in the bath I love watching the Fizz Bar dissolve and fizz in the
My bars are from last year's Christmas collection and smell like, in my opinion, roses. As cheesy as it sounds, that's what my white/cream packaged fizz bar smells like. It's my favourite of these bars and I'll be using it soon although I actually don't believe you can get these exact range of these Fizz Bars anymore but this Christmas's ones look even nicer and they'll most likely be going on my Christmas Wish List. This
year's Fizz Bars smell like gingerbread and 
vanilla and I really can't wait to get them as well
as getting the gingerbread handcream to get me into the festive mood even more then I already am!
Buy the Zoella gingerbread Fizz Bars here:
And the Hand Cream here:
If superdrug doesn't ship to you, find them here: and

Sorry if the text on this post is a bit all over the place but I'm still learning how to do it! If you have any questions about these products just ask and I hope to see you again here soon!
P.S. Do you like my snowflake background?
Merry Christmas!


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