Overcoming Little Fears

Hello everyone!
Today I'm about to do something big. Something that I haven't done in a while. I'm going to wear my hair down to school.
Wow. Big deal. I do it everyday.Those are words you might be thinking. But I'll explain more.

A few years ago, I cut my hair really short. Chin length, or shorter. And I let it grow a bit and wouldn't tie it up at all. At all. My friends would sometimes grab my hair and try to stick a bobbin in it, but it was actually only a few years ago that I was happy to tie my hair up. And since then, it's always up. Well, almost always.

In recent years I broke out of that shell and sometimes I wear my hair down or up with close friends, but never to school. Why? For fear of what people will think.

I only re-learnt how to tie up hair recently and around that time I was really nervous about what people thought. I still am and although it's not such a big thing, just going out in public with my hair down it makes me feel a bit nervous. So I really want to break this fear and not be scared of what people think.

It should be up to you what you wear. How you style your hair. What food you eat, what phone you have. All these little things make us feel insecure and judged. But really, people don't notice these things. Don't be scared to be you. People are self-centered. We try not to be, but we are. If your friend has a messy hairstyle or is wearing a weird shirt. We think "Oh. That's a weird shirt." and get over it. It's not a big deal to other people, just you. I guess what I'm trying to say is not to be scared to try something if you're afraid people will judge you for it. They shouldn't. And if they do, you're the stronger person. You were brave enough to do what you want and get over your fear.

So I'll tell you what happened when I faced my little fear. I came to school and glanced over at my friends. They were in a huddle but one of them came over and said "Wow. Your hair's down! It's so nice!" I continued to receive little comments throughout the morning, until people only started commenting on it if they hadn't seen me this morning before class, which was only a few people, like when school finished and everyone in the school exited together and saw my hair too.

I walked home and usually I carpool. This let even more people see my hair and it actually felt great. It made me feel confident and happy, just knowing that I'd overcome one of my fears. Now I'm not scared to wear my hair down again.

So the message of this post is not to be afraid of what people will think. Between now and my next post, if there's something you're scared of doing because you think people will judge you for it, don't be afraid and do it. Whatever makes you feel nervous about doing. It's time to be brave and face your little fear. Tell me about it in the comments. Even telling people about your fear is brave.

I hope this post helped and I can't wait to be back writing again soon. Goodbye and good luck overcoming your little fears.


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