10 Facts About Me

Hello Everyone!

Today's blog post helps you all to get to know me a little bit better, because I feel like you don't know me as much as I'd like, and also this was requested on my instagram, @rombli_blog. I'd really appreciate it if you could go check me out there as well so I can interact with you more and get your opinions on what I post!

Some of you in the UK and Ireland, like me, were suffering from cabin fever during "The Beast From The East!" when I starting writing this post. It's harder than it seems to think up of facts about yourself, so I hope this post entertains you today! So let's begin with these 20 facts!

1. I'm really small. I'm really, really, really, small. I practically look like I'm ten, but I've learnt to embrace and love my height and who I am!

2.I'm really sporty. I play more than four different sports with clubs, local areas and school teams so I'm always a bit busy. Maybe you can tell with the lack of blog posts...oops!

3. I'm pretty musical and I love to sing and dance, I'm always screeching at the top of my voice, my friends and family will confirm that! I also play piano and flute too. I'm on Grade 6 for piano and only Grade 2 for flute. My piano exam was supposed to be held during the storm, but it was cancelled because of the snow!

4. I love art. I'm doodling all the time, in primary school I drew cats all over my end of year tests once! My notes are covered in drawings, much to the annoyance of some of my teachers! I'd love to show some of my doodles and cartoons on my blog, so please tell me what you'd think of that.

5. I love animals, especially dogs! In my current situation (and my busy lifestyle!) I can't have one, but I have two guinea pigs called Pecan and Almond and a goldfish called Nuadha (Noo-ah-da!), or Nua (Noo-ah) for short. It's an Irish version of the name Noah!

6. I love Italy. It's my happy place and I visit it every year with my family. The fact that I know I love it makes me love it even more because going there I never have to worry about whether I will like it or not, my visits are always just filled with 100% happiness!

7. My favourite season is winter. My birthday, Christmas, school holidays, everything good at once! Especially when we get snow as a special treat! In fact..

8. ...One of the best birthday presents I ever got was when school was cancelled because of snow when I was younger! My other favourite presents were probably my two guinea pigs, my fish and my stand mixer! There are probably others that I can't think of as well!

9.I love makeup, especially eyeshadow and creative makeup looks. I'm a pretty creative person so I love expressing myself through make-up! When I was younger I loved face paint, so I can see where my love for make-up came from!

10. I love creative writing which is why I love blogging! The element of design and technology really pt the icing on the cake of blogging, because I can be creative uses ways I love!

Thank you so much for reading this post and make sure you follow me on my instagram (@rombli_blog) so you can intereact with me more and get sneak peaks of what I'm doing! Thank you so much for reading this post!


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