Blog Talk: Why I Never Post

Hello everyone!
So, today's post is very different to my other posts. A) It's written so far apart in time from the other ones and B) I've never done a chatty sort of post before, except I guess for my first post.
So firstly, I guess I'd just like to say sorry and oops.
I never post on my blog and yet I dream of being a famous Zoella-like megastar. 
But since it's so cold it's reminded me of Christmas. 
And everyone knows that with Christmas comes Vlogmas! So more Zoella, more time indoors and more inspiration to blog! And so this post is basically a "sorry" for never posting! All my posts seem to be a bit like that, but you know what they say, "Quality not Quantity!"
I'd also like to post more about some topics that I've never posted about before, and make blogging more enjoyable for me. 
What I'm hoping to happen is that by me trying my very best to be active that I will get in a habit of doing it and my blog will be a success!
I hope you might have enjoyed this chatty little post/apology and make sure to comment your thoughts because I don't get very many and I love when I do! I'd love for you to give me some inspiration!
Also, If you're finding it hard to comment because of all the blogspot stuff, you can contact me on Instagram at  @rombli_blog.
Thank you all so much for reading this post and make sure to check out my Instagram! Thank you!


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