New Year's Resolutions

Hello everyone!
Today's post is a light-hearted little read about my new year's resolutions. For personal reasons I won't be stating a few more private resolutions, but don't worry, by "personal" I just mean that the resolution would only make sense to someone who knew me very well.
I hope that in 2017 I can:

Be more active on my blog!
This is a big one that concerns you. I love logging on to blogspot and seeing all the views you've given me and the excitment of writing a new post and clicking that "Publish" button is immense. But as in my next resolution, I can't seem to stay organised or finish blog posts off! I have an amount of "Drafts" in my posts section!

Be on time more and be more organised!
I am late a LOT. Almost everyday there is something I'm rushing for, something I've forgotten to do or I've put something off that should really be done already! I've got an English essay due soon that I haven't started where as my friends finished them the night after we were assigned them! My lateness affects my friends and family who are ending up running around after me trying to keep me on the right track and although I really appreciate their help I know it's probably not fun for them and so I'd really like to be more organised so if anyone has any tips on being on-time I'd really appreciate if you could share them with me!

Thank you so much for reading my blog in 2016 and it really means a lot to me when you give feedback. I love getting feedback so much so please tell me anything you'd like to see me post about in 2017! Bye!


  1. Wow, this blog is so inspiring, thank you! ��❤

  2. Love your blog! These are really good resolutions! ❤


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